Alltel iphone 5s on straight talk

The purchase wizard will walk you through selecting the proper SIM for your phone. Below is a brief guide that describes what the various kits do. Any of them can worked with unlocked phones if the phone is compatible with the network and available in your area.

What Phones Work with the new Straight Talk & Net 10 SIM Cards?

Be sure to include the following in your question: You can get a low cost, unlocked phone directly from Amazon or Straight Talk to use. I have a Galaxy S7 Edge that is from Sprint. They supposably unlocked it however I checked it on yalls list and it says it is not compatible. It should work just fine.

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I would give it a try, it checks all the boxes for being compatible. Yes, if unlocked it should work great! Perhaps something like this copied from Amazon: This would be a new phablet not yet purchased , so not on any phone plan. Do you know if this will work with StraighTalk? If not, do you know of any large phablets that would? I hv a boost iPhone 8plus will it work with straight talk and if need be unlocked, how do I do it? No, it will not work on Straight Talk unless you get it unlocked first. However, you can get a low cost, unlocked phone directly from Amazon or Straight Talk to use.

You can contact GreatCall and ask them to unlock the phone also. Your saying all I have to do is get a straight talk sim card and install and it will accept it? I do not need to unlock my phone because it will work with your straight talk sim card? I mean, isnt that the main reason for being unlocked so it will work with any carrier?

Popular Phones that work with Straight Talk SIM / Bring Your Own Phone

Unlocked phones for the US market will almost always work. On certain phones MMS and other services may be difficult to configure or not work. I was given a Samsung s7 Edge that was locked to Sprint. The previous owner called Sprint and they unlocked it remotely. Not sure, but if you try it I believe it will work. I have been a straight talk customer but my phone recently broke. No, it will not work on Straight Talk.

Reason being, Boost Mobile phones do not work unless unlocked. Local Cell Phone dealer has them for sale.

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Can I use the sim card from my old straight talk smartphone or do I need to get a new one? Yes, if unlocked it should work great on GSM Straight talk! Yes, if unlocked they should work great! Will phones by kyocera work with straight talk? I know They offer unlocked ones, I used to buy them already assigned to Verizon. Kyocera duraforce pro for example is my top favorite. Really hoping it will work with straight talk.

Compare this with the Moto x4, which supports many more bands: Yes, it should work great! I bought a phone not knowing it was going to be blacklisted due to nonpayment. The phone was apparently still on a plan when I bought it and they stopped paying it after I got the phone. Would I still be able to use the phone for straight talk? You only list ebay and amazon. Yes, I am just offering a list of places to purchase the phone if desired.

Straight Talk LTE Sim Swap Trick on iPhone 5S for Data & MMS on iOS 7 (no jailbreak) T-Mobile

It is the same phone no matter where you purchase it. My husband needs a ruggedized phone and I was wondering which one are able to work with straight talks bring your own.

How To Unlock Alltel iphone without alltel account - AT&T Community

You can then request your iPhone to be unlocked at att. What do I do? Call Straight Talk at for assistance. We have had a straight talk iPhone 5s for two years. Finally bought a new iPhone 6s from gazelle locked to att … can we move our existing info to this new phone and keep straight talk? Have never had an issue with your service. Thank u! Sorry to hear you had a problem with your iPhone. Were you able to resolve it? If so, please let us know how you fixed it. I had talked to StraightTalk and they had said my device needed to be unlocked first before it would work with a StraighTalk Plan.

My phone had to be unlocked becore I could use it at all, and I have used it for a year. We have been trying to get help from you for over a month. I went to WalMart and they said nothing is wrong with my phone. I aalready did everything you say to do when I got this phone a year ago! In November I moved to a differnt house, about 4 miles away.

The phone would not receive or send callfrom new house. We have contacted you repeatedly , and some most of the time been treated very rudely! The phone works fine a little ways from here! After following the directions from your employeesn now my email and facebook do not work.

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  • Do you want to fix this or should I go toanother service? If I buy a iPhone 5s and have a straight talk number but using a micro sim will my number move to a nano sim without a problem?

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    Got a new iPhone 6. Want to sell my iPhone. What needs to be done to do this? We got a lot of people on keys2iphone. New versions and the policy may have changed and now no need to get it unlocked.