Iphone so slow after update

Step 3: Once you have connected the device, all the usual information about the device like its name, serial number, system storage, used space, as well as free space will be visible on the main interface of the software. Step 5: There are 5 types of files that you can choose from.

iPhone Slow After iOS 12? Here's How to Speed Up Your iPhone

Step 6: Step 7: After the tool has eliminated all of the Junk and Temp Files you will see the number of files you have deleted. Now you know, you will be able to clear the Junk File in a single-click, the Junk Files include all kind of files like app caches, cookies, temps, browser history, contacts, files generated by third-party apps, invalid data etc. Deleting them will clear up a space so large that it will enhance the performance of the device.

Whereas, cleaning the Temp File means you are going to remove the unnecessary system files permanently. They include downloaded corrupted files, temp files, stored files etc.

Part 1: The Easiest Solution to Speed up Slow iOS 12/12.1 on iPhone/iPad

The Tenorshare iCareFone Cleaner is the simplest solution available to your slow iOS device problem but if you are not comfortable enough to use a third-party app to fix an iPhone slow after update 12 then you can go through the following tips and maybe they will help you speed up iOS Step 1: If you are using iPhone 8 or any earlier version of iPhone or even iPad then the reboot sequence will be the same. You just have to press and hold the Side button until you see the Slider on the screen, then swipe it to restart the device.

If you are using iPhone X then the reboot sequence will be a bit different. Have you ever noticed that after a year or so, it feels like your iPhone is just a bit … slower?

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You might not have downloaded any new apps or even been using your phone significantly more, but everything feels more sluggish. Apple has confirmed investigations into the health of its iPhones as they age. A discussion on Reddit about iPhones seemingly speeding up after their batteries had been replaced led John Poole, the founder of Geekbench, a computer-monitoring software company, to research whether there was any truth in the claim. Oct 23, 8: I'm not looking for help.

Best 7 Tips to Fix Laggy iOS 12/12.1 on iPhone and Speed it Up

I know enough about iOS devices and there is no cure in iOS slowing down old devices. FYI yes I disable everything I can to help speed things up.

It's still slow and that's the fact. One thing that sped up my iPad 2 considerably was turning ON reduce transparency in the Settings. Oct 23, 9: Oct 23, As I mentioned earlier, I wasn't looking for help but if you must know, the answer is yes on the factory reset and yes on the restore since iOS Didn't help the slow down compared to earlier iOS of iOS You can ask me more questions but I'm confident I've done it. I don't understand why is it so difficult for some Apple users to accept that the latest iOS slows down older devices?

I know that too.

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  6. And yes, I have more than 30GB of available free space so that's not the reason why it is slow. I'm done troubleshooting because there's nothing to troubleshoot the slowdown. I just accept it. It's great that Apple still supports devices that initially come with iOS 7.

    iPhone Slow After iOS 12? Here’s How to Speed Up Your iPhone

    That's 5 major updates. However, the trade off is a heavy tax on performance or speed. I hope this does not turn into a repeat of the slowdown issues that iPad 2 owners had with IOS 9 where the slowdowns were kinda random and didn't affect all iPad 2 users. Communities Contact Support.

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