Angry birds golden eggs samsung galaxy

This is a cool level.

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I rarely got 23k on the first shot, but found it was important not to push too much ice close to the tnt or jostle it too much before the second shot. Best score so far with this is k.

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I just tried a quake on this for a laugh — K. Blue bird down at bottom left glass clusters. Terrence almost straight forward, slightly downwards, to bounce back and down off of the rubber stuff to the left of the cake — barely touching or just missing the stone cluster and setting off bottom TNT. On my best score k I missed the right hand stone cluster on the second shot. Followed hornet32 exactly. Had been getting s and s then K showed up out of the blue. I expect a higher score will show up soon. I cant zoom out this level on galaxy s3.

With that comes problem. I cant see golden egg. I try to take it blindly, but no success. It you throw full power the bomb bird often bounces back from the cement or other structure compound it would hit. Meant to post this here rather than above — tried to delete previous post but it is still on the page. It only gives a few thousand points and has happened 4 times in about resets. I hope this is the kind of info you were looking for.

Best if you post in forum on Self-Destroying Levels: I kept on flinging today using a little less power on the sling. Got Puppy 8! Just same strategy as above with better results. I sent 1st bird in a higher arc to hit just under the slanted stone and sank into the cement block below. Got about 28k with that bird, destroying that train on the right all the wood and a lot of the cement. Sent 2 to middle area of the tower. It fell straight over to the right and took out the other birds and a lot of the debris. For amslimfordy , sunshine , mumsie Damage shot: Egg 20 was a lot of fun. Thanks big time to whoever suggested this level for a challenge!

Lost my head for a bit.

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  • BOTH the birds were sent over to the right. The 2nd bird sent the debris to the left and it made the tower unstable and it fell in tact to the right. That is kind of what dawn-nelson did for her k strategy. Both shots were at full power as I find it really difficult to reduce the power flinging with my finger on an ipad.

    Congrats on your newest puppy!

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    Thanks karen Yes, I thought that destruction was amazing considering how much trouble I had even getting 3 stars when this was released. Ya know…I really hope our Nest Admin can figure out a way we can edit our own posts…in retrospect the damage went different…the way I described was how I had been playing it, but the score I just got went with 1st bird high arch and it did nest under the board and sink it — that bird sent the debris to bring down the tower — score was about 58k with 1 bird. I was just too excited to get this score. Congrats on a great score gypsybird!

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    Shot 1 you said it nestled under a board and sank it. Which wooden board is that? How far across the playing field are you landing? Did you mean the diagonal stone all the way right on the cart or a wooden board somewhere? Shot 2 looks like the one that goes all the way over to the cart.

    Golden Egg Levels

    Are you sending both that far right? Congrats again and thanks so much for sharing your strategy! The 1st shot is like the 2nd in the walkthrough, a high arc over to the right to go under the slanted stone plank on the cart into the stone blocks below. The 2nd should go in a low arc just clearing the tower to bury under the remains of the cart.

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    Gypsybird had debris fly over to the tower on this shot although I never got so lucky. My best was 98k with the 3 bird strat. Good luck: Thanks karen68 — now that sounds exactly like what happens to me and got me up to Now that I know what to look for, and how many points it should net, it will make the last hour more productive. I appreciate how clearly and thoroughly you explained everything! Congrats on being so close to k. First, Thanks to karen68 for the description!

    This ability is specifically disabled. Thanks for letting me know AMslimfordy. Yea gypsybird. Thanks dawn-nelson. Yeah the screenshots tell more than my crazy first description gave. The way I started it in first post was the way I had been doing it until the very lucky first shot knocked out so much debris and the tower…so 2nd bird only needed a bit more damage.

    Fair amount of debris left, so score can increase. Use black bird to topple structure on the left. Use black bird to get pig on the far right. If there are any pigs under hats remaining, use remaining black birds to take them out.