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70 Stunning Responsive Sites for Your Inspiration

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The Stylist Group. E-Bike Lehr. Bryant Dental. Yellow Tree. Gare Centrale. Next Level Fairs. DEV Developer Site. Womenwill The Divide. America Off Balance.

50 Awesome and Inspiring Responsive Website Designs from 2014

Words have always been the simplest way to tell a story. The right words will make great content and in turn, will form a great story. Sentences should be concise and to the point. Visuals can be more effective sometimes though, as a single image can say much about your brand. To go even further, we can animate parts of the page to enact the story of the brand such as on the Dangers of Fracking site below. Simple, focused content along with supporting design elements help make a rich branded experience for the user.

Intrinsic Web Design: I will definitely refer back to this.

I completely agree. What a great list. I learned so much about the current trends of graphic design. I really like the examples that you used to demonstrate the points. Thanks for a great article. I will refer back to this. Great list. User expectations are much more mature now. In the end, performance is design! I like it! If you are looking for a great website building software tool then you should grab your free copy of this one here. You can make an unlimited amount of websites with this and it is simple to use.

Use of the Info graphics is also increasing in newly designed websites in , I am regularly observing this fact in most of the coming websites. Jacob Cass of JustCreative sums up 7 trends to be on the look out for in Number 3 being BIG and Bold is definitely in for , and our favourite. Another great post guys. While we have a lot of control over layout, positioning, size and even colours among any screen size we do have to stay with-in some design boundaries due to the way things re-arrange.

I think until we see an alternative to mobile-first web design or even a whole new way of approaching things, minimalistic web design is here to stay. With the availability of real fonts trough services like Typekit this trend has accelerated a lot. What designers are usually going for are either really thin or really bold fonts. Hi, I would like to share with you: We proudly launched the new website for Mordillo.

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Hope its worth mentioning on your fantastic blog Mordillo is a creator of cartoons and animations and was one of the most widely published cartoonists of the s. This website shows the Universe of Mordillo featuring many animations and a nice parallax effect. Its a website for the fans all over the world.

Made by http: Martijn, very nice. I would also like to share our new web page http: Hi Jacob- Great list! Very interesting info. I like the website design. I have designed my website i. Not all these design features are appropriate in all cases. Making a web page that works requires a lot of sensitivity to the various forces at work. A good design solution is one that balances those often opposing forces. Great stuff. Minimalism is winning this year. Harry do you know how much fool you are…. I wanna to see how much talent you are.

We take a look back at the hottest design trends of the year on the web.

Looking through these trends and understanding how these work, is a source of […]. A simple flat design generally offers ease of use and is perceived as more honest by the visitor. The modern flat […]. I like the flat design and bold typography example mentioned above. Design makes people to convert, when do smartly, following new trends is a great way to accomplish the ultimate goal of web design business. Thank you for sharing the trends, your blog inspires me.

It is true. Simplicity can be cute. The days of just fancy is gone. I recommend that designers make website simple as it makes browsing easier for their customers. At times when a website is too complicated, cusotmers might lose track of how to easily navigate the site. Step Up offers Amazing Results! After using StepUp Height Increaser you will see new confidence in yourself. Truly helpful, looking forwards to coming back. Jan Big and Bold Big is beautiful now! Flat Design Flat design is shorthand for a design philosophy that strives for simplicity, clarity, and honesty of materials in user interfaces.

Responsive Web Design Tutorial and Explanation

Flat generally refers to: Animated Story Telling Many designers have taken up the task of becoming entertaining storytellers to engage their users. Feel free to share. Related Posts. Mike B Wednesday, January 22, at 4: John thanks for the trends outlook.