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Do I have to subscribe to an auto-entrepreneur pension company? Can I cancel an auto-entrepreneur business after registering? What is Info Siren in France? First declaration trimestrielle turnover dates? What exchange rate do I use on my French invoices? Is it OK to have my married name on my bank account? How do I register my business in France with the Registre du Commerce? Do I need a dedicated UK bank account for my auto-entrepreneur business? Changing from commercante to artisan and teaching? How do I remove activities from my auto-entrepreneur registration?

Which business structure to reduce costs of social insurance RSI?


Can I keep up my micro entreprise when I give up my French residence? Ignore paper declaration for auto-entrepreneur and RCS registration? Did I pay my first auto-entrepreneur declaration late? Can you help with change of address form P2 PL? Business bank account for auto-entrepreneur when earnings paid in to UK? Can you add a secondary activity online? Are business bank accounts compulsory for auto-entrepreneurs?

Change of business department in France - who do I inform? Add a secondary activity to sell online? Do I need to complete and what AG2R form? What is classed as turnover for an auto-entrepreneur business in France? Do I need to add an extra category for publishing work? What is the announcement on the auto entrepreneur website about?

Where do I register as a handyman business in France? Auto-entrepreneur turnover declarations by credit card? How do I pay my first auto-entrepreneur declaration by post? Extra business documents required by chambre de metiers? Translation of CFE form exoneration sections D 5,7 and 18? What is the maximum turnover for autre services personnels?

Do auto-entrepreneurs have to charge TVA on digital products? Should my husband be a conjoint collaborateur in France? How do I make social payments after closing auto-entrepreneur business? How to word a letter for an unpaid invoice? How to become auto-entrepreneur in France with a PVT visa? Net entreprises business registration form? December What code to use for photo sales in declaration trimestrielle for RSI? What extra documentation is required by CFE-Metiers? Close auto-entrepreneur business and become conjoint collaborateur in France?

Registration of auto-entrepreneur property management business for ? Pay auto-entrepreneur turnover declarations online or by post? Is sales of equipment classed as turnover in a French business? Completing Cotisation Fonciere des Enteprises form? Will I pay cotisations on my UK private pension? Is enquete aupres des auto-entrepreneurs crees en optional? How do I fill in cotisation fonciere des enterprises form? How do I complete CFE initial declaration form? CFE payment online or at the bank? Should I close my auto-entrepreneur business in France? Changing from impot liberatoire to regime micro entreprise?

Multiple business registrations in France? How do I add general business consultancy to my business in France? Is babysitting a regulated activity under the auto-entrepreneur business system in France? Do an auto-entrepreneur couple both have to pay CFE tax? How to complete CFE initial declaration form? What is the meaning of n.

How do I modify my auto-entrepreneur status to remove an activity?

When do I pay my fourth quarter cotisation for ? Cotisation fonciere des entreprises buildings What is cotisation fonciere des entreprises ? What happens if I go over the auto-entrepreneur business turnover limit? Is there a minimum turnover for a business selling crafts in France? November Financial consequences of becoming an auto-entrepreneur?

Additional document request for autres services personnel business? Can I claim benefits for seasonal work? How do I pay contribution fonciere des entreprises? Which declaration on net-entreprise to file auto-entrepreneur taxes? What should I receive after registering as an auto-entrepreneur What legal terms should go on a business invoice in France? Should we change our principal auto-entrepreneur activity? How do I do modify my auto-entrepreneur declaration? Start a business in France for two different business activities? How do I pay my auto-entrepreneur cotisations online?

What is the auto-entrepreneur turnover limit for an artisan? Can I close my business in France and avoid social security contributions? Am I exempt from the cotisation fonciere des enterprises CFE tax? How to set up account online for impots? Do I have to pay CFE tax? Is cotisation fonciere des enterprises a new tax? How do I reclaim an overpayment on the auto-entrepreneur online system? How and when do I pay auto-entrepreneur CFE tax in ? October How long does it take for the online declaration payment to be taken?

Do I qualify for the auto-entrepreneur tax system? Should our camping a la ferme be a registered business in France? Can I split workshop rent? When to supply bank details and mandate for rsi declaration? Do I need to pay CFE tax? Do I pay tax on my turnover or on my earnings? How do I close my auto-entrepreneur business? How do I check if I have paid my online declaration? Must I have a separate bank account for my auto-entrepreneur business? How does an auto-entrepreneur register multiple activities?

Time limit for auto-entrepreneur scheme? Self-employed and working in the UK and France? Cheque emploi and auto-entrepreneur? How much can an auto-entrepreneur earn? Do I need to complete form C-SD? Declaration for 2eme and 3eme trimestrialle on same form? Should I receive an email reminder from net-entreprises prior to declaration? CDI and auto-entrepreneur at the same time?

Adding an activity to already live auto-entrepreneur? When do I make my first auto-entrepreneur declaration online? When will I receive the declaration paperwork for 3e trimestre ? Have I filled in my declaration trimestrielle correctly? How will ill health affect future declarations for tax etc? Buying and re-selling advertising space on the internet? Chambre de metier training compulsory for auto-entrepreneur artisans? Compulsory decennale insurance for auto-entrepreneurs? Questionnaire for the Direction Generale des Finances Publiques? As an auto-entrepreneur, what do I need to do for the changes in ?

What should I do about missing an auto-entrepreneur declaration? Business account for auto entrepreneur? August Directive regarding paying to have documents translated Do I need decennale insurance? The business was a micro BNC, has it been changed to an autoentrepreneur? What accounting records does an auto-entrepreneur have to keep? Auto-entrepreneur and number of clients? What is the turnover limit for auto-entrepreneurs? Are auto-entrepreneur sales outside France taxed?

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Does an auto-entrepreneur have a company name? Can an auto-entrepreneur claim TVA on imported goods? How do I employ people as part of my auto-entrepreneur business? Auto-entrepreneur categories for writing and editing work? Maximum limits for combined enterprise? Is this how conjoint collaborateur works in France? Do I have to go to the chamber de commerce? Registering for auto-entrepreneur more than 30 days after starting trading?

July Correct tax code for declaration trimestrielle? How do I know my teledeclaration and payment has gone through? RSI cover for spouse not requested? Who would be the auto-entrepreneurs customer? How do I fill in the declaration trimestrielle form? How does an auto-entrepreneur invoice in 2 currencies? On what turnover should the Formation Professionnelle Artisan be paid?

How should I raise my factures? Auto-entrepreneur retirement scheme options? How much do we need to earn to be eligible for superannuation? Can auto-entrepreneurs be TVA registered? Siret number via email or post? June Implications of starting an auto-entrepreneur business in France whilst in employment? When do auto-entrepreneurs pay income tax? Working prior to registration? Can a cleaner registered as an auto-entrepreneur claim chomage?

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Does an auto-entrepreneur have to pay info-siret? Unemployment benefits for auto-entrepreneur startup? Auto-entrepreneur declaration before or after address change? Auto-entrepreneur turnover limit in 3rd year of activity? What is the Declaration Sociale des Independants ?

Declaring UK rental income in France? Which form to change APE code?

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May How does one go about adding an activity to ones auto-entrepreneur profile? New auto-entrepreneur scams? What address do I use on form K? What is declaration social des independents form for? What I should do about RSI refusing to affiliate me? How can I cancel my auto-entrepreneur status? Joint tax declarations when one partner is auto-entrepreneur?

Can I pay cotisations online? Should I cancel or change auto-entrepreneur status? Do I have to pay formation professionnelle tax? Trimestrielle declaration Do I need to have an employee contract? How can I access auto-entrepreneur trimesrielle declaration online? Is there any update on CFE Tax for ? Are auto-entrepreneur tax forms automatically sent out? Should I have received attestation fiscale by now? When should I pay RSI? Does online software sales come under marchandise or service? Changes to auto-entrepreneur charges in When is auto-entrepreneur income tax due for ?

Do I need an accountant as an auto entrepreneur? Declaration sociale des independants What is the correct category to declare hommes toutes mains income? When shoud I get my tax form? March Get social security number if auto-entrepreneur not our main income? Stop being an auto-entrepreneur if turnover falls to a nominal amount? Minimum cotisation charges for auto-entrepreneur in ? Can an auto-entrepreneur hire an employee? How do I add activity organisme formateur? APE code for homme tout main?

Property manager in France and elsewhere in Europe? France annuaire is an auto-entrepreneur directory scam APE code for property management? Can an auto entrepreneur claim e-commerce expenses? What am I paying direction generale des finances publiques for? How often do I have to declare revenues on net-entreprise. February Can I add an activity to my auto entrepreneur business? Impact on family taxes this year Why is my auto entrepreneur business inactif?

Why have I received a relance amiable? How do I change my APE code? Does an auto entrepreneur get taxed on profit or turnover? What constitutes seasonal work? Migration to SEPA - customer payments? What do I need to do to run cooking classes at home and sell food online? How do I come out of the auto entrepreneur scheme?

Which category of auto-entrepreneur? How does one formally cease professional activity as auto-entrepreneur? Do I have to pay the 0. Will the tax office contact me automatically for my tax return for ? What should I do about a blank pdf after net-enterprise registration? Maximum social charges for micro entreprise? CFE form section C - biens du nouvel etablissement Which category of auto-entrepreneur?

January Which tax rates on declaration de chiffre do I use? What is the autorisation de prelevement des cotisations et contributions sociales form? How do I opt out of versment liberatoire? How do I submit my declaration de chiffre? When to make first auto entrepreneur declaration? How do I correct an over declaration? What is the NAF code for online advertisement and marketing? Can my business address be my home address? Pension rights for auto-entrepreneurs?

Are there any auto entrepreneur costs if revenue is zero? Has my online declaration 4th trimester been processed?

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Declaration trimestrielle de recettes reduction for auto entrepreneurs? When and how do I submit any auto entrepreneur taxes due? What activities can I can carry out as a handyman? What paper work should I receive after I register as an auto-entrepreneur? When to change from auto-entrepreneur to travailleur independant? Are dividends from share investments part of the auto-entrepreneur turnover?

Is it usual that RSI asks for birth certificates translated? Do I need to apply for my own carte vital as an auto entrepreneur? What happens if you exceed the auto-entrepreneur turnover limit? Has my naf code barred me from auto-entrepreneur status? Do I pay professional and commercial social charges? Can two auto-entrepreneur live at the same address?

What do I do with the cotisation fonciere des enterprises forms? Do I need to send in the Cotisation Fonciere des Entreprises form ? Can an auto-entrepreneur hire employees on a commission only basis? What is the NAF code for a masseuse?

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Is there a cheaper structure than SARL? Is there a tax free threshold in France? What cotisation rate for gift business created in France? CFE for auto-entrepreneur - can it be carried over? What is cotisation fonciere des entreprises? IBAN for Net entreprises? How do I complete the CFE form declaration initiale?

November Can I have employees as an auto-entrepreneur? Operating a retail store as an auto-entrepreneur? Can I change my auto-entrepreneur income tax payments to monthly? Which auto-entrepreneur category for translation and teaching English? Why have I been asked for documents and bail? How do I pay RSI my declarations? When will my RSI payment be taken from my bank account? Who do I need to inform that I am an auto-entrepreneur? October Can I get siret number before I start my activity? APE code for wedding stationery business?

What is the difference between NNI and securite sociale numbers? Is micro enterprise less risky than auto-entrepreneur? Who to add as healthcare dependants? How do I calculate formation professionnelle commercant? Can I close my auto-entrepreneur business by post? How do I choose my activity on the auto-entrepreneur registration form?

Which amount should I declare on the declaration trimestrielle? What is the minimum amount of cotisations for a micro entreprise? What information to put in livre journal regarding recettes? What is the difference between micro-entreprise and auto-entrepreneur? What is the best way to work as an auto-entrepreneur and have a UK income? Who gives permission to park a mobile food unit on private land? What are the legal requirements to set up a food van in France?

Legal requirements for food delivery business in France? Can an auto-entrepreneur advertise several services? What are my options are when I reach the auto-entrepreneur turnover limit? Any information about the proposed changes to the auto-entrepreneur? Can I transfer my auto-entrepreneur pension funds when I leave France? My auto-entrepreneur application has been refused. If you are not a member of e-payment, you can enter your bank details directly in the application. Once registered and validated, the telepayment mandate does not require any action on your part with your bank.

In any case, it can not be used without explicit authorization from you. The telepayment offers you: This one can be modified until the day of the deadline 12h Telepayment is an exclusive means of payment. Once set up, you will no longer have access to credit card payment. Credit card: Unlike online payment, in case of payment by credit card the amount will be deducted from your account according to the usual operation of your credit card. My statements: My profile: A few comments: The password delivered allows you to connect to your account on the mobile application and via the site www.

In case of technical difficulties do not hesitate to write to us at the following contact address: New services will be available soon on your application. Tout auto entrepreneur ne doit absolument rien a payer au commencement de son entreprise. Est-ce vraiment une arnaque? Merci pour le partage d'information.

Il faut inonder internet avec cet arnaqueur de Michael Pappo. N'est ce justement pas du dol? Nan mais c'est grave! Ne payez surtout pas!!! Non mais franchement ,ou va t'on? Bande d'escroc. Ce panneau comprend les 15 informations obligatoires. Proposition commerciale?

Bien cordialement. Arnaque et tromperie rien que cela. Je confirme monsieur Au premier abord, on pense qu'il faut payer pour l'attribution du No de Siren. Ben voyons! La blague Donc non, il ne faut pas payer. Pour APE, il y a un formulaire anonyme sur leur site! Le plus grave sur le courrier APE: Et merci pour l adresse perso Je viens de la recevoir aussi, dans mon tabac presse nouvellement ouvert C'est puni par mail alors pourquoi pas par papier???

Donc je vais signaler le site Ape-france. Alors, comment des entreprises comme celles-ci tiennent la route? Personne ne remarque rien: Je ne comprends pas Comme il savent nous trouver Voir par virement? Y a pas que des GOGO.. Je viens de recevoir mon courrier ape. Je viens de la recevoir Il m'on demander Pour information: E Adresse A. Merci pour l'info je viens de signaler cette escroquerie sur le site internet.