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Oh, and the new password I had created a week ago they tell me is an old password when I enter it. So I think someone else is changing my password and has access to my Facebook account. Did u get it solved?

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Brand new FaceBook Fun! I friended too many people in one session, got locked out, and needed to verify my account with the 6 digit number sent to my cell. About 20 times. Every single time I input the 6-digit code, it just generated the same box when I hit "Submit". I'm not logged in to the account anywhere else. I think I reset the password 7 times, each time with the Security Check box looking over my shoulder and screwing up each time I put the brand-new, smoking hot from the phone security code into it.

No way to get around it, I sent them a copy of my Hawaii State DL, waited 24 hours, and the same thing happened. When a big company's web forms screw up, there's no recourse! And there's no people there; it's a company, not a person. Makes you think about what you want to be when you grow up.

It's true, Facebook support sucks. Too many people manage to lock themselves out for Facebook to provide personal support, but it also seems like some of the automated recovery tools don't work reliably. I'm sorry you have to go through this! Wish I could help. Tim I am in a similar situation with the security check box vicious circle. I'm not sure how I even got locked out to begin with. Have you had any luck? Hi, not sure if you have come across my problem yet, but I am really hoping that you can help me solve this as its rather long winded!!

I did not use the new account as none of my photos were on there that I have collected over 8 years, and it meant that I had to send out many many FB friend request out again to people I was already friends with. I have managed to get the 2nd FB account that I don't use, but it is not the one I want!! I want my old account back, and I cannot get it!!

I am not even sure that its the correct password either. If you didn't update your personal details, like email address and phone number, and didn't add backup email addresses or trusted friends, then I'm afraid you won't be able to recover your account with any of the methods above. Your only hope is to reach out to Facebook and let them verify your identity. Please scroll through the comments below for more information.

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Hi there. Wondering if you could help. I tried to log in on my daughter's tablet two days ago but kept on saying password incorrect, I tried severaly but still the same and I reset my password and I was asked to enter my email and contact number on my facebook but unfortunately I don't use the e-mail and number anymore. I was instruct to put alternative e-mail, which I did and i was sent 6 digit code and I was told my facebook has been retrieved but unfortunately it not my old account and I can see my old facebook as the only friend in it and I later realised facebook has already sent me an Email on the 27th of August that am I the one trying to get into my facebook but since then I can't get into my old facebook on any other devices except on my phone because I haven't log out on it and am sure if I log out on my phone I won't have access to it again.

Please any help I have lots of pictures save on my Facebook saves as only me and I won't want to loss my friends too. I'm trying to get into an old account but we can't even find it when we search Facebook. It's like it doesn't exist anymore but I've read that Facebook doesn't delete accounts so I don't know why I can't even find it to re activate it.

First of all, you can deactivate and delete your Facebook account! If you never did that, Facebook probably locked the account and sent information to the email address on file. When they do that, they also hide the account from search etc. To recover it, you have to try and log in with the account login details. If successful, you'll see your options.

If you don't remember the login details and Facebook can't find the account's email address, then it's possible that the account got hacked and the hacker changed all these details. This would spell the account unrecoverable, at least through the options listed above. So I've read through multiple posts over the past 48 hours.

Similar issues. I was in facebook yesterday and it kicked me off out of nowhere. When I tried to sign back in, it asks to authenticate my identity. Every code that is sent to me once, I type it in and hit submit or continue, nothing happens. I ask it to be emailed to me and it then it resets my password and then asks for another code that never gets sent to me.

When I look through my husband's account, it appears I no longer exist. It has untagged me in every post he has tagged me in and deleted all the ones that I have tagged him in and is not able to even pull up my profile. I am connected to so many groups and pages because I run my business all based off my main profile. I manage several pages as well that appear to have been deleted.

I've tried to submit an appeal for a deactivated account, but it gives me an error saying my email is not linked to a deactivated account. Starting over is not an option because of everything I am connected with through my business. Please help me. Someone shared on a forum that they sent an appeal to one of Facebook's email addresses one is in the article above and attached ID verification.

Facebook apparently responded to that. Hello there my problem is about the two factor authentication i activate it a month ago without realizing the mobile i used to link in my account was already expired i made a factory reset on my fone and when i log in again i cannot access my account they need a code generator , my question is how can i get a code generator without my mobile and without logging in thru my fb account?? Do you have access to Facebook on any other device? Think of everywhere you logged into Facebook recently and didn't log out again. If you find a device where you still have access to Facebook, update your mobile phone number and temporarily disable two-factor-authentication to log in on your mobile device.

Im sorry to say for now im only using this device coz the other one is broken and its not working anymore.. These are the only ways to recover your account after losing access to your login approval codes that I'm aware of: That can take a long time and Facebook doesn't always respond. Try to email them under security facebook. Does give me access for approx 30 mins then I'm asked to upload a photo! Logged out never access again. Have old accounts- press forgotten password - new one will not work or even arrive- ip ok.

This is 2 months of attempting to regain an account! Suspicious activity my behind! Closed meme groups yes- Facebook idiots- all day but not now! Fb help centre is a joke! No replies ever- and if anyone else says der it's only Fbook go to hell cos my Fbook was hilarious - no room for pathetic people who refuse to understand social media - they're all still out there! But I'm not - oh someone please help me! I have messenger as a separate app- I can be found there - profile head - a big eye with my name on it.

This is bs! It sounds like you're either somehow violating Facebook's terms of service e. Since you can still create an account and aren't blocked until you upload a photo, I'd suspect it's the latter. If your IP address was on a block list, that would explain why you're not receiving a response from the Facebook Help center.

To that end, you could try using a VPN to conceal your IP address, then see what happens when you create a new profile. Per Facebook's terms of service, you have to use your real name and your real photo. I suspect that the checks are more frequent and rigorous on new accounts than older ones because I see a lot of people with cartoon profile pictures. Michelle, I'm not clear I understand. What exactly do you see, what is the exact error message, and what is no longer there?

Fbook help centre? Oh really! I have many problems with access as fb say deleted. Other readers who commented here have reported success getting a response to email. Wish I could help, but I'm not Facebook and it sounds like getting through to them is your only hope. And when I do forgot password i get to the trusted contracts, they send me the codes and when I put them in it says"this email is already being used on Facebook" well yes I know it's used cause it's me.

I'm not requesting email verification I'm requesting a new password!!! Not sure why you wouldn't receive the code or why the trusted contacts would turn out to be a dead-end. Unfortunately, I've heard this happen before. Some people reported success after reporting their account as hacked and, following a request from Facebook, verifying their identity through a passport or driver's license. Not sure it's wise to report an account as hacked if that's not what happened, but it might be your last resort. Also, the email address mentioned in the article has worked for some people who left comments below.

I don't see where it says no longer have access to these. I get one option and that's email and I no longer have access to that email of course. On the bottom bar it just says continue or not you? Is there something special I need to do the get the "no longer have access to these" to pop up.

I think that would really help me. Maybe it's because you didn't set up any alternative ways of recovery. I have a phone number and several other email addresses on file. In addition, I have set up trusted contacts. If you only had that one email address on file and you no longer have access to it, how else would Facebook verify your identity? Hi there!. I have been sending messages already but until now i did not receieve any reply from you,please do help me recover my facebook and messenger account,i need my login or code generator for me to login with my accounT,no sms receieve as they promised.

Just responded to your previous messages. Sometimes comments are held for moderation. Your comment wasn't published and hence not visible to me until a few hours ago. Can you please help me how to contact facebook i just want to know what my code generator is because i cannot login with my facebook account i did not even receieve any sms message about my Code generator which am tirelesly waiting.. Antonio, I removed your phone number from your comment. This is a public website, you don't want to share your phone number publicly. Unfortunately, I can't help you get in touch with Facebook.

If you no longer have access to any of the recovery methods, try to report your account as hacked and email Facebook. Good luck with the account recovery! No access to email address that was originally used to set up my facebook account. Seems like a bot hacked my account this past Thursday, changed my password, accepted all pending friend requests from a friend's newsfeed , and no activity since. I just sent a message through facebook to the ID verification service, hope it works!

Fingers crossed, Tyler! Let us know how it went.

Hopefully, you'll be able to get your account back. I have the same issue cant log in, don't have access to the old email and have no way to upload a id to send to facebook help please. If nothing in the article above works, then I'm at my wit's end too. Emailing Facebook is your last chance. Hii Can you pleas help me recover my Facebook account? I 'm not receiving codes to my number to my Facebook. Did you try all of the recovery methods above?

Did your phone number change since you last updated your information on Facebook? You should see parts of the phone number Facebook is using, do you have access to that number? Did you set up any other recovery methods alternative email, friends, etc. If all else fails, try emailing security faceboo. I followed the instructions that Facebook provided, changed my password, tried to recover my account through email and phone verification, and followed various solutions listed on the Facebook Help Center.

Please NOTE: I cannot log in to my account.

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Now, no matter what I try I always end up back at this message: This account is not eligible for this process". I have a business account through my personal profile and I need to have access within the next two weeks. Sorry about the multiple posts! Please feel free to delete the duplicates. When I pressed "post comment" the comment box just went blank, so I couldn't tell what had happened. As noted in the article above, you can also try security facebook. Other users reported that it worked for them. I already deleted your duplicate comments. It could be that they were all held for moderation, so you couldn't see them go live.

Any luck? I've had this problem for almost a month on an account that I had for eight years. Then it happened on the second account I made. Rob, this is a follow-up question to my previous comment. Did this happen on a private account or is this an ads account? That sucks, Tanya.

Try some of the other recovery methods suggested above. Last resort: Hi i tried several times to access my account when i press my account is compramized it says need trusted friends contatcs.. I can't log coz my i forgot gmail password and user name. My gmaol account recovery and number also change. It happened to me and was right after the "Jayden T Cross" virus hoax.

A friend posted a warning not to friend him. I never friend any unknowns and commented on her thread with my thoughts and about always making sure who the person is. I have tried unsuccessfully many times to access and recover and emailed the address you gave but I know FB only cares about profit and the creep that runs it is just looking to be the richest man on Earth.

If it costs FB users, he and they don't care. I doubt I will bother with a new FB account as I don't care anymore after all this agitation which I don't need at this point in my life. I hope the a-hole hacker has more fun with my name than I have. Life sucks now and so do all the evils of the world involving technology. Yes, technology has far more than doubled the problems on Earth. I hope for 2 things at this moment, that another site overpowers FB someday and in the next election, stupid people don't vote for another ass clown celebrity who hasn't the skills to wipe his own I feel your pain, Ian.

Hope your luck will turn soon and that of everyone opposing ass clowns in office for that matter. On the upside, there literally is value in your name! Did you set up your phone number as a recovery option? If not I'm afraid you can't use it. You'll have to report your account as hacked and wait for Facebook to get in tough to verify your identity. The password is correct and I get the access codes, but there's some message about it being used for a business. And they're right. It is.

But we also have a business page. And I can't get to the business page unless they let me log into FB. I had temporarily deactivated my Facebook account. Then a few days later my sister asked me to make her a Facebook account but i forgot to ask for her email address. I figured I would use mine just to set up her account and then she could replace it later with hers. Well now I can't log on to my own account to activate it cause her account pops up!

Please help me recover my account. I've already tryed everything possible. I'm not sure how account reactivation works. You should still be able to recover your account with your email address or phone number. Try to do so from the incognito window of your browser. And also ask your sister to remove your email address and replace it with her own! When I removed my email address and replaced it with hers i tryed to login again and it said my email doesn't match any account. Do you have any other information you can recover the account with?

Like a backup email address or phone numbers? Or maybe trusted friends? I have tried all of these steps. When I go to enter the recovery code it tells me "I have entered too many codes. Please try again later. I'm not sure Brittany. It could be anything from a few hours to a whole 24 hours. Please let us know in case you manage to get back into your account and how you did it.

Thank you for listing all of these steps- this was the first page I found to be truly helpful. Unfortunately, all options failed for me as my email was deleted and i can't log in with phone number they never send me a text or code, perhaps it was never set up? I will attempt to contact them through the security email, but who knows if this will work. If anyone has any last ideas- it would be greatly appreciated, as I had very very important business messages on my facebook account that is still active but i have no way of getting back in.

Sorry to hear none of these recovery options are available to you. Fingers crossed that the email works. Meanwhile, I'd create a new account and try to get in touch with those business contacts again. Maybe they will share the messages with you again if you're open about what happened. Used fb about 2 weeks ago. Strangely today, my account doesn't exist. It's not retrievable through email, the compromised acct feature didn't work. It's as if it never existed. Through my friends pages I'm nowhere to be found.

Only thing left is a group page I created from that account. It says through google: This sounds like your account was deleted. It's odd to happen so quickly. Did you have anything super offensive on your account? I accidentally lost my Facebook page,old one keeps coming up,i don't use that one,instructions are very confusing,and can't understand what they put up,facebook don't make it easy for oap. So the ID recovery route appears to work. So many people have been having issues with that, probably because they didn't use their real name.

Glad it worked for you!!! Hi, "To start this process, click the link No longer have access to these? Facebook will ask you for a new email address or phone number" - This does not happen when I try this - instead it just says sorry you can't verify your email. This blog post seems recent - did they change this in the space of a week?

When you search for your account using your old information, does Facebook find anything? And then when you click "No longer have access to these? Thanks for the reply. Yesterday, it wasn't giving me the option to put in a new email and upload ID, today it is. I guess it's because I made several login attempts yesterday before I clicked the No Access link. At the end of my tether!

I've been denied the ability to change my facebook password. It has assumed I can't access my email account, when I can, lets me change my email account password, but doesn't send me a message allowing me to change my fb password. Yes, I've tried looking in junk. I was on Facebook just the other night everything was going good. As I was on Facebook there was a page that asked me to add my profile picture clicked on that.

After that I can't get into Facebook page, but it shows I was logged in, then I logged out. Now I can't login or reset my password with the code that Facebook sent. My Facebook app shows about 80 messages, but can't get into Facebook page. I've tried different ways to get logged in. Do you have a answer for me. Need help thanks. Report the account as hacked: My account has been hacked.

My yahoo email doesnt even exist anymore bc I didnt confirm it. I have tried all but I still cant get my account please help me. Report it to Facebook: My account is not open to browser, i just still try to log in but the code is still appear because of two factor authentication i want my facebook back as soon as possible pls help me.

Did you print out or write down any backup codes? Why can you not get the code to unlock your account? Did you lose your phone or something? Turn it off temporarily. First, you'll need to find a computer or browser where you're still logged in though. Does facebook accept Birth certificate which is written in Bangla? OR will it accept my registration card of a Board exam? Maliha, how did you try to open your account? Was this on a shared computer?

Could it be that someone else logged you out of your account and logged into their account? Have you tried to log out and log back in again?

Did you set up two-factor authentication? You'll find the Code Generator on your Facebook mobile app. If you don't have access to the app, maybe you saved codes? If you still have access to Facebook on a browser, you can temporarily turn off two-factor authentication, so you can log into Facebook without having to provide a code from Code Generator. Hi tina, Good day.

How to Recover Your Facebook Account When You Can No Longer Log In

Can you pleas help me recover my Facebook account? I change my password and forgot it. I tried to reset it but I'm not receiving codes to my email linked to my Facebook. See methods above and my comments below. That's all I know and I'm afraid I cannot provide support beyond that. Hi tina, I opened my facebook yesterday. My facebook got locked. As I said, it's really difficult to provide remote support for this kind of problem and not even Facebook does it.

I've described all recovery methods above and you can try to email Facebook, see email address in comments below, but if they do respond, it will take a long time. Best is probably to report your account as hacked or move on and set up a new account. Last time I changed my Facebook Password and I can't remember it. When I'm resetting it I cannot receive code to my email. Can you help me please.

Have you checked your spam folder or any filters you have set up? Did you connect multiple email addresses with Facebook? Yes, I checked all my folders in my mail but nothing is there. I recover it yesterday but after one minute, it got locked and Facebook hidden my account. I don't know why. I already change my password several times. What should I do? This is the complete issue what happened to my Facebook account.

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  • 2. Have You Tried Default Account Recovery Options?.

I would be really happy if you would be able to help me with this. When I finally reset my password through my email provider and successfully changed, after a seconds my account shows the following when I try to log in:. Someone May have Logged Into your Account. In order to keep your information secure, we've locked your account. Before we can unlock it, please verify your identity and change your password.

Your account will remain hidden until you complete this process. I tried changing passwords etc and it still keep coming back to the above. Is there any other way to go about this? I know that normally, a recovery process with pictures and security questions is supposed to come up so that I can verify my identity, but it just does not come up. Identity verification means Facebook wants to see your ID. I have never seen this myself, so I can't really guide you. You should either see a link somewhere to submit your proof of identity copy of our passport or driver's license or you email it directly to Facebook.

I already send email to security facebook. Do they reply? Hi Facebook help me to recover her account of my mom. Please help her. I'm afraid this isn't Facebook. Hopefully, my article and comments have given you some pointers as to how you might be able to help your mom recover her account. Good luck getting in touch with Facebook! My daughters account has been hacked badly. They changed her email and password and put a foreign language on her profile page. Now, her fb has vanished or taken off line. She's not on my friends like or can't search for her, nothing.

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  7. I've tried reporting this to dead ends on "my friends account has been hacked" It will not accept any trusted contacts she tries to enter even me. It's possible that someone reported the account as hacked and Facebook took it offline. Try to email security facebookmail.

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    Other than that, I'd recommend starting fresh. Set up a new account, make sure all security-related is up-to-date, and set up two-factor authentication, so the account won't get hacked again! No, she had never heard of trusted contacts nor have I. The dead ends we keep running into is to contact her "trusted contracts" So we cannot get past to proceed to anything. No security questions have been an option. The hackers changed her email as well and fb wont recognize she cant reply to them or email them back or even get her emails from them. She did receive an email finally but of course they are asking for trusted contracts.

    Hi, Facebook has blocked me from my account for days. Tried every single ways to verify my account and I have also been told by FB that my identity has been verified successfully. Waited for 24 hours, try to log in again but it still redirects me to a page saying that they will text me a confirmation code. But there isn't any number on it and FB will just say the account isn't eligible for the process. Anybody has the same problem? Sorry for your headaches with trying to recover Facebook, Allison. You're not alone. Unfortunately, Facebook is notoriously difficult to recover or contact.

    You can try your luck here though: I've had the same problem for nearly a month, and set up a new account to add my friends back. Then the exact same thing occurred on the new account:. Do you have any idea what triggered the "unusual activity"? Did you log in from different locations, maybe while using VPNs? Did you post a lot, maybe on other peoples' timelines? I'm not saying you did anything wrong!

    I'd just love to learn more about why this happens to people, so we can educate others about it. Thank you in advance for your feedback! The Independent Read The Independent on your mobile device. Download Facebook 4. Free Download for BlackBerry. User reviews about Facebook. Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. Don't leave without your download! Facebook Check and update Facebook on your BlackBerry. Download and installation help. Best free alternatives.

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