Which smart phones emit the most radiation

There you have it! The lowest radiation emitting smartphones available on the market in offers a large selection of brands and technological possibilities with relatively reduced SAR levels. These figures refer to the number of watts absorbed per kilogram of body weight when you make a call with the phone placed on the ear. In this regard, the cell phone market will not disappoint you and present you with an appetizing offer that includes major, expensive brands as well as low-cost, competitive labels. Here are the smartphones with the highest specific absorption rate levels available in As you might have noticed, these phones emitting the most radiation have SAR values over the 0.

A lot of these models are dual SIM devices which are mostly manufactured for the Asian market. The FCC considers that you lower the risk of absorbing a high level of radiation when you: If you follow these simple guidelines and you use a low SAR smartphone, you expose your body to a significantly reduced level of radiation. If you want to know how much radiation is emitted by your phone, but you cannot find your model in the statistics that we have presented so far, you can check the FCC SAR Database for better results.

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Read my review to know why I love this EMF meter. Keep in mind that the SAR level of your cell phone is the result of laboratory tests done performed at the smallest performance settings.

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Which Smartphones Emit The Most Radiation? [Infographic]

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    Smartphones that emit the most (and least) radiation

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    Here are the smartphones that emit the most and least radiation

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